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Develop Your Own Personal Travel History Website

One unique way to document the your family travel history is to store all of your adventures, written descriptions, still photos, videos and notes on a dedicated family website. This site can be one you design for yourself, or you can get a professional webpage design firm to create one for you.  You can begin by getting a web name and domain from GoDaddy, and use a Groupon promo code to get a domain name for your new travel memories website. Some sites are currently available at affordable discount rates.  You can also get valuable assistance if the development of your site.

You then start developing your site.  Identify the kinds of materials and items you want to include.  Many people start by trying to put too much right from the beginning.  While videos and audios, GPS maps and historic photos are items of interest, the time spent including them in your site will make it such an effort that you will soon forget your initial purpose, which is to retain memories you collected during your trip for future review and discussion.  Stick with the basics.  Set up a calendar and start recording the dates of trips and events.  Each time you come across a particular moment of interest or event make a note of it; remember to return to it later to write a description of that event in more detail for your site’s visitors.

Next, start saving photos to the site.  Include a brief description of each photo as you add it to the site.  Give the original date of the photo (NOT the date when it was saved to your computer!), names of individuals (and their relationship with others and their age), the location of the photo site and any other information of interest.  This can later be put on a time line and sorted by subject matter, person(s) and location.

Most importantly you should begin writing descriptions of your trips.  These can be brief or extensive.  Soon you will be expanding them as you recall events and come across other items worthy of inclusion.  Your travel site can become a record of your travels and experiences that you can share with friends and family for generations to come.